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Paul Thibodeau

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Fall Colourswhitetail deer buck october 2019Light in the rainwhitetail deer buck Ojibway park october 6 2019White Tail DeerAutumn 🍁🍂War of 1812 re-enactment#ClimateStrikeWindsor Change Sign#ClimateStrikeWindsor Vegan SignAmherstburg Uncommon Festival 2019 Flea CircusDropped On Drouillard FestivalAmherstburg Uncommon Festival 2019 Seb WhipitsAmherstburg Uncommon Festival 2019 Kobbler Jaygreen heron sep 25 2019Sunset At The Pond. Belle River, ON.Brief video showing a green heron in hunt mode.His prey this time was a dragon fly..Watch as the green heron snatches the dragon fly in flight.A Beautiful Day. Windsor, ON.River's edgeIMG_0411_MG_4803