City Revisits Custodial Services Contracting Out Decision

Thursday April 1st, 2021

Posted at 2:53pm


The City of Windsor is revising their decision to contract out custodial work at City Hall.

In late 2020, as part of Council’s direction to investigate potential savings through outsourcing without job losses, contracting out caretaking at the City Hall campus was approved through the 2021 budget deliberations.

Attrition and transfers afforded sufficient vacancies in caretaking positions to proceed with a request for proposals, and a successful proponent was selected.

Since the time of contract award, the successful bidder has informed the City of Windsor that they will not be able to honour the firm price that they had included in their tender documents and have withdrawn from the current process.

As a result of this decision, City Council has suspended outsourcing for the time being and will seek to re-establish the seven full-time caretaker positions that are currently vacant.

“Our goal has always been to deliver efficient service delivery for Windsor taxpayers,” said Mayor Drew Dilkens. “Because the vendor could not keep to their offered price, we will not be proceeding with their service delivery and will continue to provide these services in-house.”

Once the vacant positions are filled, new employees will become members of the City of Windsor’s CUPE Local 543 union.

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