City Launches School Zone Mapping App To Help You Avoid Tickets

Monday September 10th, 2018

Posted at 9:00am

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The City of Windsor has launced anew App to help deal with parking around schools.

Windsor Parking Enforcement Officers have been handing out postcards instead of tickets to educate residents, and especially drivers, during the first week back to school on where it’s ok to stop, drop off and park.

The postcards direct residents and drivers to the latest app on the MappMyCity page of the City of Windsor website.

The latest app is called myschoolneighbourhood, and it connects users to a map of the city. Once there, by inserting a school name, residents will see colour coded streets with information on everything from school bus zones to parking and no-parking areas.

“We want to help residents know what they can expect when they enter an area,” says City Supervisor of Compliance and Enforcement Bill Kralovensky. “By planning ahead, drivers especially can avoid a ticket but more importantly avoid accidents that happen when people stop where they shouldn’t.”

Regular parking enforcement in school areas will commence this week.

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