Local Expert Blog: Bring On The May Flowers

Saturday May 27th, 2017

Posted at 11:00am


Winter is finally over, the sun is out, and your garden is waking up! May is a great time to clear winter’s residue away, update your yard,and create a welcoming garden that’s filled with colour and fragrance for the summer. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Remove hanging tree limbs

Before you start planting, it’s important to prepare your yard. Survey the land and make note of dead and over-hanging branches that should be removed before they fall and cause damage. Hire a professional to take care of large tree limbs.

Clear drainage ditches

Leaves and other debris tend to gather in drainage areas over winter; be sure to clear sewers and ditches so water can properly drain away from your home and the flow is not obstructed.

Weed and mulch

Weeds should be easy to pull out at this time since the roots are shallow. Once you’ve pulled the weeds, apply a layer of shredded bark mulch over the soil to help conserve moisture and reduce future weed growth.

Deadhead and prune

Remove spent blossoms from your spring-flowering bulbs and let the foliage die back. Prune dead or damaged branches from perennial plants and shrubs, trimming away any dead foliage from last season.

Prepare lawn and soil

Rake your lawn to remove dead growth and winter debris and re-seed any bare patches.Consider adding organic matter, such as compost, to prepare soil for planting.


Now that your garden is neat and ready for new plants, you’ll have a good idea of how many you’ll need to fill empty areas. When picking out plants, remember – those that are not yet in bloom tend to be stronger. Also, take note of your yard’s sun and shade times, and get to know Canada’s plant hardiness zone maps to ensure you choose plants that will do best in your garden.

Tool inventory

Make note of which garden tools you already have and what may need replacing before heading to the garden store.


Between designs, plants, and tools, gardening costs can add up. Did you know you can get yard and garden insurance to help protect your investment?

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