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    Saturday January 26th, 2013

    Posted at 3:49pm

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    Protest the Hero played to a sold out crowd at the Dominion House last night.  To say the crowd was into it would be a gross understatement !

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    • Noxshus

      The crowd was more than into it. I’ve gone to hardcore shows all my life, and I’ve never seen so much tryhard posturing in my life, with the end result being that a lot of people didn’t get to enjoy 4 awesome sets because they were fighting to stay vertical the entire time.

      Even Rody, who has spoken out about how people who don’t want to get pushed should get out of the mosh pit, told the crowd “…you guys are crazy, take it easy…”

      Still, cheers to the boys for a great set, and anyone who missed the opening acts missed a great experience. I know PtheH wanted a good rock vibe for the show, and I’m not hatin on the DH, but they could easily have filled a place that also had room to breathe.