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  • Owen Wolter


    Monday January 21st, 2013

    Posted at 11:00am

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    West Windsor’s Pelletier street, which runs along the front of HD Taylor Public School, will be completely reconstructed this spring.

    Work on the street, between Campbell and Rankin, will include new sewers and watermains, curbs and gutters and new paving.

    The City of Windsor is spending $380,000 to repair the road that has begun to sink and crack due to heavy traffic volumes.

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    • Ryan

      Oh that’s intelligent. They’re going to have the back of the school blocked off because of the soon construction of the new school. They’re going to have the front of the existing school closed for street construction. These kids are soon going to be running out of ways to enter the school. Would have made more sense to wait a year when the new school was built.