Local Emergency Department And EMS Pressures Continue; Patients Encouraged To Seek Alternatives Where Possible

Tuesday July 5th, 2022

Posted at 5:27pm


Windsor Regional Hospital, Erie Shores HealthCare, and Essex-Windsor EMS are sending out an urgent reminder about capacity pressures across the acute care system in our region, causing longer than normal waits while underlining a need to seek alternative options for care where possible.

Hospitals and EMS continue to see higher patient volumes than normal, with significant bed capacity concerns due to higher than normal volumes of patients.

The public is reminded to seek care where possible, for non-emergency needs, in community settings, such as their family doctor or local medical clinic, to help alleviate strain on the system.

“Although emergency cases are always attended to rapidly and receive immediate medical treatment, patients should expect that wait times and treatment for any ailments other than emergencies will be much longer than usual, as they have been for the past several weeks,” read a news release.

Officials say that ambulance response times for non-emergency situations may also be longer than usual.

“We must work to preserve capacity in our healthcare system for patients. Our local partners will continue to collaborate to ensure our regional system is able to handle an influx of patients that will challenge our capacity to ensure timely access to care.”

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