Essex Powerlines Addresses Power Issues In LaSalle

Tuesday July 19th, 2022

Posted at 4:18pm


Essex Powerlines is responding to a rash of power outages in the Town of LaSalle.

On July 18th, Essex Powerlines customers in LaSalle experienced an outage that began at 2:39am and lasted until 6:15am. Hydro officials say the outage was due to damaged infrastructure equipment (blown lightening arrestor).

Later in the evening, LaSalle customers experienced multiple momentary power faults. Officials say that an investigation found this was due to Hydro One restoring power to a different service territory.

“As we fully understand the inconvenience and frustrations prolonged and/or momentary outages can cause, we endeavor to undertake all due diligence with respect to ensuring reliable and safe power to the communities we service,” reads a statement from the power provider.

They have implemented the following action plan:

  • Immediate re-direction of tree trimming services in LaSalle. Starting at Turkey Creek on Front Rd. and working south, we have therefore prioritized the area experiencing monetary faults.
  • We have also engaged a third-party to immediately undertake infrared inspections of the subject matter Feeder/area in order to identify any potential hotspots which may be the source of the momentary faults.
  • Additional installation of animal guards in high probability animal contact areas.
  • Immediate review of Reclosure thresholds in order to ensure settings are reasonable and consistent
  • Immediate engagement of Hydro One with respect to shared Feeders
  • Daily visual inspections/patrols of the subject matter feeder in order to identify potential sources of areas where faults could occur

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