First Free Menstrual Product Dispenser Installed At Local Catholic High School

Wednesday May 25th, 2022

Posted at 8:55pm


Catholic School Board photo

On Wednesday, the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board installed the first free menstrual product dispenser at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School.

Student Trustees Jada Malott and Kim Bouchard spearheaded the initiative to have feminine hygiene products installed in all schools. Last year, the board of trustees approved a motion to investigate the installation of dispensers that provide free pads and tampons for all students who need them. This year, they received another information report outlining the board’s installation strategy.

“My friends are elated to know that our school board is going to be supporting our students that menstruate and showing that they care,” said Malott. “In a situation where you don’t have access to a product or a situation where it’s an emergency, and you need a product now, you don’t have to leave the bathroom anymore.”

Several months after the board approved its original motion, the Ontario Ministry of Education announced that it would be providing dispensers and free products for all of the province’s high schools.

Between the dispensers provided by the province and the ones purchased by the board, it’s expected that all secondary and elementary schools should have dispensers installed by the end of June.

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