City Taking Next Step To Replace Peace Fountain

Monday May 30th, 2022

Posted at 10:00pm


Windsor City Council has voted to take the next step to replace the ageing Peace Fountain.

The current fountain is 43 years old, and it has become increasingly challenging to locate parts and make repairs.

City council was pretested with three options, maintain the floating fountain design, a land-based option or a water-based option.

Public consultation sessions were held, with most Windorites preferring to keep the current floating fountain.

The Floating Fountain option retains the spirit of the existing design, where a central focal point is established in the centre of the bay with one large 24’ floating fountain raft, but now flanked by two smaller 12’ floating fountains rafts.

While this concept mimics the current design in principle, it incorporates modern fountain and multimedia technology to provide improved equipment efficiency and fountain water/lighting choreography while reducing energy usage.

The floating rafts contain lighting and plumbing components only, while the pumps are situated in the service building south of the plaza resulting in an improved condition for equipment reliability and maintenance accessibility.

The replacement could cost $7 million, and a report will come to council at budget time.

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