Time To Renew Your Dog’s Licence In Windsor

Thursday January 13th, 2022

Posted at 9:00am


It’s time to renew for 2022 or get your first dog licence if you have a new pet, and avoid late fees.

If your dog gets lost, a valid and current licence is the first step to bringing your pet home again quickly and easily. A proper licence tag helps speed up your reunion by supplying crucial contact information to the person who finds your dog, and regular pound fees are waived when a lost dog is brought to the humane society wearing a valid tag.

Dog licences can be purchased online, by going to www.CityWindsor.ca and look under the E-services tab, or search “dog licence.” The online application takes just minutes to complete, and your tag will be in your mailbox in days.

Alternatively, in-person services are currently available by appointment only due to provincially mandated COVID-19 restrictions. You are asked to  call 519-255-6200, option 1, for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The deadline is February 1st.

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