Historic Essex Centre Plaque Unveiled

Sunday November 14th, 2021

Posted at 8:13am


A new Historic Essex Centre heritage plaque was unveiled Friday. The new interpretive plaque details the early origins and history of the Essex Centre.

Under the Town’s Heritage Plaque Program, interpretive plaques are used to mark sites which have historical, cultural or social significance to the community, but are not designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

“Essex Centre is a tight-knit community rooted in its rich history. The Historic Essex Centre plaque is a constant reminder of the early settlers of this land, and their significant contributions.” said Mayor Snively, Town of Essex. “We are grateful to live and work on this land. “

The Town of Essex Heritage Plaque Program is administered in collaboration with the Heritage Committee and is intended to broaden public knowledge surrounding the historical and cultural resources within the municipality. To learn more, visit the Town of Essex website.

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