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Saturday October 23rd, 2021

Posted at 10:55am


When it comes to the healthcare industry, protecting a customer and patient’s personal information is just as important as maintaining their wellbeing.

Medical identity theft occurs when one person uses another’s personal health information to receive care, drugs, and services. As such, medical professionals have a responsibility to ensure the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information is protected in digital and print formats.

Here are two ways you can keep patient and customer files all in one place until they can be shredded.

Slim Boy Office Console

If you work in healthcare, you know that office space can get crowded. These high traffic areas are always bustling with not only office and medical staff but patients and customers.

However, the Slim Boy Office Console is small enough to conveniently store three to four banker boxes of paper and stay out of the way. It’s secure lock and paper deflector will prevent access to documents and keep paper clutter to a minimum.

Shred Cart

For offices with more space and more paper, you will want to look into something larger. The Shred Cart has the same secure lock and paper deflector feature as the Slim Boy but holds six to seven banker boxes.

How it all works:

Step 1:

Add the convenience of a Slim Boy Office Console or Shred Cart to keep sensitive documents out of the way and secure.

Step 2:

Call First Stop Services when your bin is full or select predetermined pick-up dates.

Be sure to remind your staff the importance of shredding on paper that contained personal information. Sensitive documents are not meant for the trash or recycling bin, but for Slim Boy Office Consoles and Shred Carts

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