New Restrictions Coming For Weddings, Funerals, Dancing, Bars, Nightclubs In Windsor Essex

Friday September 3rd, 2021

Posted at 10:22am


Dr. Wajid Ahmed made the announcement on Friday morning

Last updated: Friday September 3rd, 1:44pm

New restrictions will take effect starting next week for weddings, restaurants, bars, and other facilities in Windsor-Essex.

The announcement was made Friday morning by the region’s medical officer of Health, Dr. Wajid Ahmed and comes after the Health Unit detailed the sources of several recent COVID-19 transmissions at weddings, restaurants and other venues.

Dr. Ahmed says 141 recent cases are linked to seven recent weddings, 67 cases are linked to forty-four restaurants, 40 cases are linked to three nightclubs, 28 cases are linked to eight bars, and 11 cases are linked to two adult entertainment clubs.

Based on the recent transmissions at those types of events and establishments, Dr. Ahmed says starting Tuesday, September 7th, an order under Ontario Regulation 364/20 (Rules for Areas in Step 3) will implement the following restrictions:

  • Zero tolerance for non-compliance on all requirements
  • Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and adult entertainment venues to limit hours of operation to 12:00am (midnight)
  • For food or drink establishments with dance facilities — prohibit dancing indoors, except where the dancing is part of employment and 2 meters distance can be maintained

Dr. Ahmed’s slide showing the restrictions that will start September 7th.

Then, on Monday, September 20th, the following restrictions will go into effect for weddings and funerals:

  • Prohibit dancing indoors, except for the marital couple
  • Limit capacity of wedding, funeral, rite or ceremony to the number of persons that can maintain 2 meters of physical distance up to a maximum of 100 people
  • Ensure a proof of vaccination certifications for all attendees

Dr. Ahmed’s slide showing the restrictions that will start September 20th.

“We will be working very closely with our law enforcement partners, our bylaw [inspectors], and our tobacco enforcement officers / health inspects for zero tolerance on non-compliance,” Dr. Ahmed said. “We have also noticed based on inspections, people are non-compliant, business are not necessarily enforcing these requirements.”

Here’s the full list of new restrictions and requirements:

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