Boil Water Advisory Issued For Residents On River Avenue And Antaya Street In LaSalle

Friday June 4th, 2021

Posted at 4:21pm


A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for residents in LaSalle who live on River Avenue (between Old Front Road and Highway #18) and Antaya Street.

Town officials says that this is a localized problem and only households and businesses on these two streets are affected. Residents should plan to boil water until at least Monday, and after they receive notification from the Town of LaSalle that the advisory has been rescinded. Testing of the water supply will take place throughout the weekend.

Work on the River Avenue watermain has led to the boil water advisory. Whenever any kind of repair or construction on the water supply system takes place, there is a risk of soil or other contaminants entering the water supply.

All water used for drinking (for people and pets); preparing food, infant feeding, hot and cold beverages and ice cubes; washing fruits and vegetables; and brushing teeth must be boiled. Water should be boiled for one minute at a rolling boil. The water should then be cooled and poured into a clean container with a cover and refrigerated until needed.

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