You Can Now Rent One Of 500 E-Scooters In Windsor

Saturday May 1st, 2021

Posted at 11:38am


Bird e-scooters at the riverfront, Saturday morning

Windsor’s first e-scooter sharing program has launched.

Bird electric scooters can now be found and rented at several locations in the Downtown core, along the riverfront, and in Walkerville, among other locations.

The scooters cost $1.15 to start and riders are charged $0.35 per minute. The program has 500 scooters in total and will also rent out 100 e-bikes.

The program’s scooters and bikes can be taken to a variety of locations across the city, however certain parks and municipal properties are restricted.

Scooter rentals are handled using the Bird app and you’ll be prompted to connect to the scooter with Bluetooth. You can use the map in the Bird app to find the closest scooter.

The Bird app

To start riding, you simply scan the scooter’s QR code with your app, then use throttle on the right to move forward and the brakes to slow down.

Scooters won’t be allowed on sidewalks, but will be permitted to be used in bike lanes and on multi-use trails such as the riverfront.

The program is a one year pilot project by the City of Windsor.

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