Riding Transit Windsor Will Be Free To And From Vaccination Clinic Appointments

Monday March 22nd, 2021

Posted at 3:40pm


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Transit Windsor will be offering free bus service to anyone travelling to or from a COVID-19 mass-vaccination clinic appointment.

The City says they are waiving the fare costs but the free ride is not a special bus dropping riders right at a mass-vaccination clinic, it’s regular Transit Windsor service that riders can use to get to the area where the vaccination clinic is located.

“We don’t want transportation to be a barrier for anyone,” says Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “By waving the usual fare, we can help provide one more way those in need can get where they need to go.”

The City says you’ll only need to let your bus driver know that you are going to get vaccinated.

“We ask that riders simply let the driver know they’re going to the clinic to get vaccinated, so we can keep track for future funding support,” says Transit Windsor Executive Director Tyson Cragg.

The free service to and from a mass-vaccination clinic area will also include the county municipalities serviced by Transit Windsor.

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