Update On Windsor Regional Hospital COVID-19 Outbreaks

Tuesday January 19th, 2021

Posted at 6:22pm


Windsor Regional Hospital is providing an update on current hospital outbreaks.

Last week they declared an outbreak on both the 4 Medical (4M) and 6 East (6E) units at the Ouellette Campus, and the 4 North (4N) unit at the Met Campus.  Today, a fourth COVID-19 outbreak has been declared on the 6 North (6N) at Met Campus.

The hospital provided the following breakdown:

  • 4M has had 10 patients test positive, and 5 staff
  • 6E has had a total of 10 patients test positive, and 6staff
  • 4N has had one patient test positive, and a total of 11staff
  • 6N has had four patients test positive, but no staff to date.

Admissions to these units continue, with proper cohorting of COVID-19 patients.Transfers into outbreak units from other inpatient areas must be approved by WRH’s Infection Prevention and Control department.

“As previously stated, we expect to experience these situations as COVID-19 continues to spread in our community,”said Karen Riddell, WRH Chief Nursing Executive and Chief Operating Officer.“We continue to remain vigilant in ensuring that we have the correct infection prevention and control guidelines and precautions in place to reduce spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

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