Public Board Says School Bus Delays, Disruptions Possible Due To Driver Shortage

Wednesday September 9th, 2020

Posted at 4:15pm


The Greater Essex County District School Board is alerting parents to the possibility of delays and disruption to student transportation for the start of the school year.

The board says due to a potential shortage of bus drivers, there may be delays and disruptions to student transportation schedules to begin the 2020-21 school year.

They’re also asking for patience as they say some buses may run later than expected because of new safety protocols and practices.

Parents, guardians and students are being asked to check their busing information through the​ website to confirm routes and schedules.

The board says you can check your schedule by clicking on the “My Bus Information” icon. You will need your child’s OEN, date of birth, name of school and grade.

Board officials are reminding students to wash their hands or to use sanitizer, to wear their masks before boarding the bus each day, and to follow the posted rules to reduce their physical contacts.

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