Humane Society Warns About Someone Picking Up Strays Claiming To Work For Them

Saturday September 12th, 2020

Posted at 8:57am


The Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society is issuing a warning about someone in the community who has been collecting stray animals and claiming to be associated with the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society or Essex County Animal Control Services.

The Humane Society says that they do not know who this person is, and this person is not associated with the Humane Society or Essex County Animal Control.

They say that their employees will always be wearing a staff shirt and driving a marked vehicle.

If someone arrives to pick up a stray animal from you claiming to be with the humane society or animal control but without a uniform and a marked vehicle, they say not to surrender the animal and to contact them immediately at 519-966-5751.

If you have had someone who was not wearing a uniform or driving a marked vehicle pick up an animal from your home, you are asked to report that as well to the same number or email a report with the date and address to [email protected]

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