32 More Cases Of COVID-19 In Windsor Essex As Of Tuesday

Tuesday June 23rd, 2020

Posted at 9:35am


Last updated: Tuesday June 23rd, 9:55am

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit has confirmed 32 new cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday, bringing the local total to 1,361. They say 788 people locally have recovered.

Cases increased from 1,329 on Monday June 22nd to 1,361 on Tuesday June 23rd.

The Health Unit says 30 of the 32 cases are from the agri-farm sector, and two are attributed to the community.

There have been no additional deaths due to COVID-19 as of Tuesday and the local death toll stands at 68.

The Health Unit says one long-term care home, Village of Aspen Lake, is still under outbreak.

The Health Unit has started listing the number of workplaces that have outbreaks where two or more workers have tested positive for COVID-19 “within a reasonable timeline to suspect transmission in the workplace.”

As of Tuesday, 7 workplaces have 2 or more cases (3 in Kingsville, 4 in Leamington).

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