PHOTOS: WIFF 48-Hour Flick Fest Honours Mark Boscariol

Friday November 8th, 2019

Posted at 9:54pm


The Mark Boscariol 48-Hour FlickFest, named after WIFF’s late founder, is being enjoyed by many while celebrating the “true spirit of filmmaking.”

The FlickFest featured a lineup of short films shot and edited by local film makers over a single weekend. The event aims to be not only fun and entertaining, but hopes to show the passion and determination individuals have while making films.

The Mark Boscariol 48-Hour FlickFest is a juried competition.

Learn more about the Windsor International Film Festival and what movies are screening for the remainder of the event on their website here.

Members of Mark Boscariol’s family (left to right) Grant Little, Andreas Boscariol, Garth Little and Kim Little attend the FlickFest.

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