Canadel Custom Dining Furniture Opens In Harrow

Monday May 13th, 2019

Posted at 9:00am


Nicholas DiCarlo, Town of Essex

Canadel Custom Dining Furniture is now open on King Street West in Harrow.

The new store sells Canadian-made, custom dining furniture which allows customer to choose their own styles, colours, and fabrics.

The business also makes home entertainment centres as well as coffee and end tables. It is one of only five such stores in Canada, with the closest in London, Ontario. The business will serve Essex County and Chatham Kent.

“Choosing Harrow was easy for me. We had a family run furniture store as most of the locals would remember for 40 years but closed about 10 years ago after my father passed away,” said owner Rob Duncan. “The time seems better than ever with wineries and craft breweries gaining steam and people moving to the area. I think our community and surrounding area is ready to explode with new things.”

Fine more information on their website.

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