Fit-Life Challenge: Raw Talk With Neviana 2

Tuesday October 30th, 2012

Posted at 5:00pm


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So Neviana and I continued to talk and as she spoke to me about water and how she drinks at least 2 L a day I started to realize why I probably get headaches and lips and skin feel dry at times. I don’t nearly get 2L , but this is going to change… this is a goal I will set for myself and for those of you that don’t get enough either… JOIN ME!!! Especially if your coffee drinkers, as you know coffee dehydrates you, so if your on 2-4 coffees a day and NO water then your in the negatives for water intake.

They say the total amount of water in a person that weights around 154 lbs is approximately 40 litres, averaging 57 percent of the total body weight. It’s crazy to think we are made of that much water.. let’s drink up Windsorites! Set a goal right now and get drinking!!

Ok, Talking about drinking… you have to try JUICING. Neviana says she juices in the morning and night for her self and her family. If you aren’t one to eat veggies and fruits, juicing is a great way to get them in your system. Christmas is around the corner, write a Juicer down on that wish list of yours… I did, if I can even wait that long.

Yes, it’s really hard to find enough time in a day to get all the recommend fruits and veggies our bodies need, actually in our bodies!! But if you can just mix some apples, avocado, carrots, spinach, ginger and a leaf of kale into a Juicer and then drink it.. what’s better then that. It’s fast, easy and the energy you feel is amazing. Not to mention your skin, hair, nails and eyes are glowing and you feel like a million bucks inside out. I’ve only recently tried Juicing from Nev when I go to visit her, when I leave her home I feel this energy in my body and I want more. I’m excited to visit her in the hopes for one of these fresh, all natural energy drinks.

I’m excited to explore the flavours I can make with my own. So I asked her what Juicer I should buy? Well there are many out there she said, but recommended two to me.

  • The Bravelle Elite  (around $300)
  • The Green Star  (around $600)

The Green Star I guess is the Juicer of all Juicer’s, and the difference is in the blade. You can make the juice and then store it in a jar with a tight lid for a couple days. Where as the Bravelle you have to drink the juice right away before the nutrients are lost. So it depends on how often and serious you are about Juicing and rejuvenating your diet or if you are one to just hide it up in your pantry with all your other handy kitchen tools that you pull out 3 times a year. Check out Amazon for deals and spend some time to research what you want it for.

Thanks Nev for your constant inspiration to us all, Cheers!!


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