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Monday November 15th, 2010

Posted at 11:26am

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Open Coop Day by JohnTIZ (from our flickr pool)

Local urban chicken owner Sarah Naomi Kacso hosted an “open coop” day at her house on the weekend, the idea being to promote support for having feathered egg-layers in the yards of many Windsor homes.  Last week, Windsor City Council voted to note and file administrative recommendations about the future of urban chickens in Windsor, and local CLUCK‘ers are hoping to have that changed.

Here’s a set of photos from inside the coop by JohnTIZ from our flickr pool.

Open Coop Day
For $1,000,000, which of these two eggs is the urban chicken egg and which is the grocery store egg? by JohnTIZ, on Flickr

Open Coop Day
Egg factories by JohnTIZ, on Flickr

Open Coop Day
Open Coop Day by JohnTIZ, on Flickr

Open Coop Day
Home Sweet Home by JohnTIZ, on Flickr

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