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A Feast Of Flavour In Windsor Essex

Wednesday April 17th, 2024, 2:41pm


A Feast of Flavour In Windsor Essex

Original blog by Tourism Windsor Essex

Windsor Essex is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant culinary scene. Our diverse population has created a plethora of dining options that have melded into a mixing pot of the most delicious dishes, drinks and bites to sink your teeth into.

April is National Food Month and there’s a smorgasbord of culinary delights in Windsor Essex when indulging in this month-long celebration! Unite with your fellow food lovers to celebrate the rich flavors and aromas of Windsor’s most famous foods:


Windsor’s pizza scene is legendary, and its signature style sets it apart from any other. Characterized by a thick yet airy crust, shredded pepperoni and canned mushrooms, Windsor-style pizza is a unique culinary experience. The toppings range from classic pepperoni and mushrooms to innovative combinations like bacon and pineapple or barbecue chicken and of course the always-popular super: pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Locals and visitors alike flock to Windsor’s pizzerias to savor this mouthwatering creation, making it a must-try for any food lover. Read our Uniquely Canadian Pizza blog here and our Windsor Pizza Over Everything blog for a couple of takes on the Windsor pizza scene.


At the heart of Penalty Box’s culinary prowess lies its irresistible chicken delights. Penalty Box elevates this humble protein to new heights of flavor and texture. Each piece is expertly seasoned, cooked to perfection, and served with a top-secret, delectable sauce, making it a favorite among Windsor’s food enthusiasts. Did You Know: Penalty Box serves over 4,000 chicken delights every week – that’s over 5 million since 1992! Yes, they’re that good! As much a part of Windsor’s culinary fabric as its iconic pizza, Penalty Box holds a special place in the hearts of locals. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a community.


Windsor’s diverse population has contributed to a vibrant culinary landscape, including an array of delicious middle eastern restaurants. From savory shawarma wraps packed with tender meat and fresh vegetables to fragrant rice dishes and creamy hummus, offering a tantalizing blend of flavors and textures. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample authentic Middle Eastern cuisine while exploring the city’s dining scene.


Nestled within the opulent ambiance of Caesars Windsor, Neros Steakhouse stands as a beacon of fine dining excellence. Renowned for its impeccable service, sophisticated atmosphere, and mouthwatering cuisine, Nero’s offers a culinary journey that delights the senses and exceeds expectations. In addition to its exceptional steaks, Nero’s boasts an impressive selection of fresh seafood dishes that showcase the bounty of the sea. Winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for 14 Years, Neros offers an in-house sommelier to guide you to a perfect pairing.


If you’re looking for one of the best burgers in the world you’ve come to the right place! Ranked at #7 in 2022 by global travel site, Big 7 Enjoy Travel, Mamo Burger has taken the idea of the humble burger and improved it! Proudly serving local beef with a menu filled with burgers with names like The Big Popper, The Daddy Mac and Peanut Butter Jelly Time you’ll want to be sure to bring your appetite!


Dine at this restaurant for an exquisite experience in a historic train station commissioned by Hiram Walker in 1889 and tempt your taste buds with their award-winning Veal plus pasta dishes created by check Anthony DelBrocco.


With its proximity to the Great Lakes, Windsor boasts an abundance of fresh seafood, including the delectable Lake Erie perch. This tender and flaky white fish is often lightly battered and fried to golden perfection, resulting in a crispy exterior that gives way to succulent flesh. Served alongside hand-cut fries and tartar sauce, Lake Erie perch is a quintessential dish that showcases Windsor’s connection to its maritime heritage. Check out our ‘Fresh & Fantastic: Lake to Plate Dining In Windsor Essex‘ blog for some top spots to check out.


In the heart of downtown Windsor likes a culinary gem that has stood the test of time and delighted generations of diners. Bubi’s has remained a family-owned and operated establishment, passing down recipes and traditions. Its rich heritage is evident in every dish served, especially it’s famous Bubi’s Garlic Sauce!


Windsor’s culinary diversity extends beyond middle eastern cuisine, with an abundance of ethnic eateries offering flavors from around the globe. From authentic Italian trattorias serving handmade pasta to cozy Vietnamese pho shops and vibrant Indian curry houses, there’s something to satisfy every craving in Windsor. Embark on a culinary journey without leaving the city limits and enter to win great prizes by exploring Windsor’s eclectic dining scene with the Follow the Flavours FREE digital pass.


Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards Winery was awarded Bronze Certification from GreenStep Sustainable Tourism. Cooper’s Hawk had to meet specific standards on a set of 16 different categories aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Stop in to taste award-winning wines and delicious meals nestled on 70 acres of land.


Located on a 17 acre vineyard, winery and Bistro located in the heart of the Lake Erie North Shore appellation producing award winning wines from our own estate grown grapes. Bistro 42 is Feast On Certified, recognized for their commitment to sourcing Ontario grown food and drink and Ocean Wise certified identifying sustainably sourced seafood.


No exploration of Windsor’s culinary delights would be complete without mentioning Canadian whisky. Windsor is home to several renowned distilleries that produce high-quality whisky, known for its smoothness and complex flavor profile. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a classic cocktail like the Canadian whisky sour, Windsor’s whisky offerings are sure to delight connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Visit distillers like Wolfhead Distillery on the Barrels Bottles and Brews Trail.


In recent years, Windsor has emerged as a hub for craft beer enthusiasts, with several local breweries producing innovative and delicious brews. Whether you prefer a crisp lager, hoppy IPA, or rich stout, you’ll find a beer to suit your taste at one of Windsor’s many breweries and taprooms. Follow the Barrels Bottles and Brews Trail and pair your pint with a wood-fired pizza or gourmet burger for the ultimate culinary experience.

From savory sandwiches to indulgent comfort foods and locally crafted libations, Windsor, Ontario, offers a culinary experience that is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re a food enthusiast eager to explore new flavors or a visitor looking to immerse yourself in the city’s rich cultural heritage, Windsor’s gastronomic delights are sure to leave you craving more. Head to dineYQG.ca to explore our abundant restaurant listings and dining options in Windsor Essex.

Sponsored story by Tourism Windsor Essex. For more details on Tourism Windsor Essex click their website, or visit them on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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