Outdoor Water Ban Issued For Harrow And Colchester South

Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

Posted at 6:46pm


A temporary ban on outdoor water use for Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant residential customers has been issued effective immediately.

Town officials say that due to extreme weather events on the shores of Lake Erie, the Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant is currently experiencing a significant reduction in water level. The reduced levels, along with increased water consumption during the warmer weather, have placed a burden on the system, limiting the supply of water reserved for residents of Harrow and Colchester South.

Effective immediately, residential customers of the Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant are required to limit water use in the following ways until further notice:

  • Completely suspend the residential use of outside water, including lawn and garden watering, car washing, etc., at all times.
  • Limit non-essential water use as much as possible to reduce the demand on the system.

In addition, the Harrow and Colchester Splash Pads will be closed until further notice to help preserve water.

“It is essential that residents of Harrow and Colchester South suspend the use of outside water as a preventative measure to ensure that we do not experience a severe shortage,” said Richard Meloche, Mayor. “The Town of Essex would like to thank residents for their cooperation at this time.”

Individuals are asked to reference their current water bill or view the water distribution map to determine if they are a client of the Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant.

The Town is actively working with Union Water Supply to obtain additional supply in the case of an emergency shortage.

The Town also notes that the current water supply is safe for consumption and does not pose any health risk.

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