Town Of Tecumseh Council Appoints New Councillor For Ward 1

Wednesday July 27th, 2022

Posted at 11:42am


Tecumseh Council has appointed Douglas Pitre to the vacant position of Ward 1 Councillor.

The position was left vacant after former Councillor Andrew Dowie was successful in his election to the provincial government earlier this year.

During the official nomination period, eight citizens put forward their names for consideration for the vacant position. Council interviewed all candidates at a Special Meeting of Council tonight, and appointed Douglas Pitre to fill the vacant position.

The new Councillor will hold the position until the end of this term of Council, November 14th, 2022.

Pitre had a 39-year career with the Town of Tecumseh – Fire Services. He served as Captain, Deputy Chief, and ultimately Director of Fire Services/Fire Chief. During his time with the Town of Tecumseh, he worked closely with Council as part of the senior management team. Once retired, Doug continued to volunteer and stay involved with various efforts within the community.

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