Lakeshore Fire Tackles Live Fire Training

Thursday July 28th, 2022

Posted at 7:02pm


Tyler Phaneuf-Reeves/Municipality of Lakeshore

Earlier this month, the Lakeshore Fire Department conducted live fire training exercises at the Lakeshore Operations Centre.

The training opportunity, made possible in collaboration with the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and the Ontario Fire College, saw Lakeshore Firefighters challenged with several intense fire scenarios.

Using a Mobile Live Fire Training Unit (MLFTU,) the Lakeshore Fire Department obtained valuable training with simulated kitchen and basement fires.

“The live fire training provided an amazing opportunity for all 100 of our firefighters to operate in realistic fire conditions,” said Jeff Pulleyblank, Lakeshore’s Deputy Fire Chief. “This type of training ensures that our staff is prepared for any future fire emergencies, and ready to help keep Lakeshore safe.”

“I thought it was a great and valuable experience.  The ability to conduct live fire training in a safe and controlled manner allowed us, as new hires, to work alongside some more experienced firefighters in a realistic training environment.  This showed the true team dynamic that all members of the Lakeshore Fire Department display on a regular basis,” said Matt Soanes, Station #1 Firefighter who joined the Lakeshore Fire Department in 2022.

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