Dog Registration Enforcement Begins In Leamington On July 13th

Wednesday July 6th, 2022

Posted at 6:57pm


Representatives of the Municipality of Leamington will be going door-to-door starting July 13th to ensure compliance with the Municipality’s Animal Control By-law.

In accordance with By-law 668-06, every person who owns or keeps a dog in the Municipality of Leamington is required to register their dog and purchase a dog tag. Further, no person is allowed to own more than two dogs or keep more than two dogs on a property unless the property is licensed as an approved dog kennel. Anyone failing to comply with By-law 668-06 may receive a fine.

Each municipal representative will be identified with a Municipality of Leamington identification name tag.

The cost of a dog tag is $40 per dog which includes the late fee and can only be purchased online at or by visiting the Leamington Municipal Building.  The Municipality of Leamington no longer accepts cash payments.

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