City Needs Help Bathing Elephants

Thursday June 23rd, 2022

Posted at 9:00am


The City of Windsor is looking for help to give the riverfront family of elephants a bath.

Tembo Wash Day is back after a two-year hiatus, and everyone is invited ton help give Tembo and the baby elephants their bath this Saturday. Warm, soapy water and all the supplies you need will be provided by the Windsor Sculpture Park Team.

A beloved Sculpture Park gem, Tembo by artist Derrick Stephan Hudson is a beautiful and majestic African elephant guiding her two babies. Tembo is the Swahili word for “African elephant.” The three elephants, cast in bronze, depict the strength and loyalty of a mother caring for her children. The massive mother elephant stands solidly guarding her youngsters, providing protection and care. Her triangular-shaped ears, sometimes said to resemble the continent of Africa, help to distinguish the subject as an African elephant.

The day runs from 11am to 2pm.

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