Toldo Family Honoured With Provincial Palliative Care Philanthropy Award

Sunday May 1st, 2022

Posted at 6:52pm


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The Toldo Family has been named the recipient of the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Outstanding Philanthropist Award.

The Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Outstanding Philanthropist Award recognizes individuals or families; or corporations, foundations, civic and service organizations which have demonstrated exceptional generosity and outstanding civic and philanthropic leadership dedicated to advancing hospice palliative care in their community, or throughout Ontario.

“On behalf of our Hospice, and our community, congratulations and thank you to The Toldo Family,” said Nancy Brockenshire, Hospice Executive Director. “Your hard work and generosity has consistently contributed to the betterment of the community we call home, and we are eternally grateful for all you have given and done. Not only have you offered incredible financial support, you’ve always been an unbelievable resource for us as someone we could always call for advice.”

The relationship between The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County and the Toldo Family began in the 1980’s when Tony Toldo Sr. reached out for support on behalf of one of his employees who needed help. From there, Toldo Sr. became a strong supporter and tireless advocate of Hospice.

Over the years, the Toldo Family has directly supported Hospice in many ways, including helping to fund the building of the first Hospice Residence in Windsor-Essex. Tony Sr. and Josie Toldo were also instrumental in the creation of The Hospice For Life Foundation, which helps to ensure Hospice care for our community now, and into the future.

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