COBS Bread Raises $8,000 For Windsor Regional Hospital

Tuesday May 10th, 2022

Posted at 4:44pm


Windsor Regional Hospital

COBS Bread has raised $8,000 to support Windsor Regional Hospital.

Through the bakery’s “Doughnation Day” in March and April, COBS raised funds for a new Preva Mobile Dental X-Ray machine in the Paediatric Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital.

The machine, designed specifically to examine children’s teeth, will replace an older device that is 20 years old. The new x-ray machine will provide state-of-the-art digital dental radiographs to help dentists detect fractures, advanced dental caries, dental abscesses and other abnormalities.

The X-Ray machine is also instrumental for the diagnosis and treatment of special needs children and adults who are unable to let us know if and when a problem exists.

The current machine at Windsor Regional Hospital is used for 1300 surgeries annually.

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