Windsor Is Looking For Her Forever Home

Saturday February 12th, 2022

Posted at 12:00pm


Written by the Windsor-Essex Humane Society:


1 year old


They say I’m named for the city but I think the city of Windsor was named in my honour…don’t care that it’s been around lots longer than me. Ya know how they say the folks in Windsor are super-friendly? Take all those folks, multiply their friendly-factor by a hundred, no a thousand, and you’ll have some idea of how friendly and loving I am. But hey, I know lots of folks don’t like math so just take my word for it. I am super-duper loving. You can pet me all day, yup 24 hours straight, and I’ll still want more. I may not sit on your lap but that’s just because I want to make sure you pet me all over. You’ll know how content I am by my purr…did I happen to mention it’s non-stop when I’m near you? Visit today to apply to adopt me!

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