Three Life-Long Friends From Essex County Celebrating After $79,511 Pools Win

Tuesday February 1st, 2022

Posted at 1:42pm


A group of three from Essex County have won $79,511.60 in the OLG game pools.

The friend are Christopher Tolmie of Windsor, Alexander McCormack of Kingsville and Timothy Robbins of Windsor.

Chris and Tim have been playing as a group for 11 years, with Alex joining the group almost four years ago. “Chris and I won $64,000 on POOLS about 10 years ago,” said Tim. “This time around it was awesome Alex got to be part of the winning moment.”

Alex and Tim both plan to pay some bills and save some of their winnings. “I’m also going to share some with my mom,” said Alex.

The group claimed their prize through OLG’s virtual prize claim process. As part of the virtual process, the group had to submit a photo of them with the novelty cheque, so the friends decided to have some fun using some old Halloween costumes.

The winning ticket was purchased at New Ottawa Variety on Ottawa Street in Windsor.

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