Police Begin Clearing Blockade From The Bridge

Saturday February 12th, 2022

Posted at 9:11am


Last updated: Saturday February 12th, 4:25pm

Police have begun to clear out the blockage at the Ambassador Bridge.

Just after 8am Saturday, hundreds of Windsor Police officers and policing partners from all over Ontario commenced enforcement at and near the Ambassador Bridge.

Around 8:30am several small trucks and SUVs that have been parked at the foot of the bridge since Monday afternoon began moving out.

By noon, Police had successfully moved the line of about 100 protesters back past College Avenue.

Protesters have responded by saying “you can move us to the 401 but we won’t stop”.

Just after 4pm police said that active enforcement in relation to parking in the area of the protest was commencing and vehicles are being ticketed and towed.




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