The Grove Brewing Company Moving To New Location In Kingsville

Sunday November 14th, 2021

Posted at 8:30am


The Grove Brewing Company has announced plans to move to 86 Wigle Avenue in Kingsville this spring.

The new facility will boast 9000sqft compared to their current 1800sqft space at 12 Main Street East. The move will allow the brewery to immediately begin doubling its production capacity to meet increasing demand.

“Our brand is growing to the point where 12 Main St. is no longer practical to operate in,” explains co-owner Jeremy Truax. “The need to increase storage, update brewing equipment and redesign the production layout has become imperative for us to function.”

The Grove has hired local street artist DERKZ to design the facade of their new facility. The newly revealed mural memorializes legendary Kingsville stories that are told through The Grove’s beer brands.

“DERKZ is an influential, modern-day storyteller who brought our stories of Kingsville history to life,” said co-owner Jeff Smith. “Our local community past and present is a massive part of who we are, and we will continue to demonstrate this idea moving forward in our new space.”

The Grove Brewing Company is still discussing the future of the downtown Kingsville location.

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