My Name Is Floyd And I Am Looking For My Forever Home

Saturday November 20th, 2021

Posted at 11:55am


Written by the Windsor-Essex Humane Society:


1 years old


Olde English Bulldog / Shar-Pei mix

Hello! My name is Floyd and I am looking for my forever home. I am a young, strong guy with lots of energy and lots to learn still. I’m pretty unaware of my size and might jump all over ya. I’m just the life of the party and want to be involved in all your fun activities! Luckily in my previous home my owners took amazing care of me and helped me work on lots of training, so I do come with some skills. There are still other things I need to work on, and my strength is one of them. I also get spooked by certain things (like wheels…. UGH I hate em. They move so fast and are so strange to me). Also, the wind… man oh man is the wind ever scary!! It feels weird and makes these weird noises, enough to startle me and give me the heeby jeebies. I would like a predictable home with humans that will help properly socialize me and work on helping me the bestest most successful guy around!
While I do need work on some things, I am very food motivated and the humans here rave about the great potential that I have.
I cannot go to a home with children because we really aren’t the best of friends, so an adult only home would be best. I’m okay with other dogs but come on veryyyyy strong, so would need a dog who is tolerant and able to deal with my eagerness. I have never been around cats but used to live with rabbits and did well with them.
Overall, I truly am a great guy and know I will make someone very happy!

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