City Considering Removal Of Traffic Lights At These Windsor Intersections

Tuesday September 21st, 2021

Posted at 12:00pm


The City of Windsor is looking at removing a number of traffic signals that city administration says are no longer needed.

A study of has found that several signals fall well below the volume, pedestrian and other criteria for a new signal to be installed.

“It is not clear, based on available data, why the signals at these intersections were installed originally,” said Shawna Boakes, Senior Manager, Traffic Operations & Parking in a report to City Council. “Many are very old and warrant criteria may have changed, expected developments may have not come to  fruition, traffic patterns of drivers may have changed, they may have been installed for political reasons, etc.”

The following are recommended for removal:

Brock Street at Sandwich Street

The current age of this traffic signal is 51 years, and is listed as 31 years past its useful life, according to the report. The report recommends the signal be replaced with a future signalized crossride with stop signs on Brock. The signalized crossride is also not warranted at this time, according to the report, but will meet the needs of the future bike facilities. It is proposed for removal in 2024.

Campbell Avenue at Grove Avenue

This report says the light is proposed to be replaced with a stop sign on Grove Avenue and a mid-block pedestrian crossover.  The proposed changes would take place in 2022.

Aylmer Avenue at Chatham Street East

The report says the casino is not generating the significant levels of traffic that were anticipated, and with the opening of the west wing, most traffic goes west from there or north on Goyeau to Riverside Drive. The signal is proposed to be replaced with a stop sign on Chatham Street in 2022.

Kildare Road at Seneca Street

The report says the traffic signal is 43 years old, putting it 23 years past its useful life. The report says with the previous closure and demolition of the GM plant, and the site changing to vehicular storage, the area no longer has the traffic volume it used to have. The report says as part of the traffic calming in the area, proposed bumps-outs at the intersection will lower the number of lanes to allow for stop control. The signal is proposed to be replaced with a stop sign on Seneca.  A pedestrian crossover across Kildare is also recommended in the report. The report says Kildare is a future cycling route and unnecessary stops should be avoided.

Lauzon Road at McHugh (Tim Hortons)

The report says the access road to the east for the previous industrial property has been eliminated as part of the Farhi residential development and new signals were installed at Spitfire Way and Lauzon Road.

Banwell at Mulberry

This traffic signal is proposed to be replaced with a roundabout in 2022, according to the report.

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