You Could Say I’m Instant Comfort

Saturday July 31st, 2021

Posted at 12:00pm


Written by the Windsor-Essex Humane Society:

Pekoe, 8 year old male

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Pekoe, a mature fellow with a friendly disposition and very good manners. Yes I’m just like the tea I’m named for. You know, when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, or just a little bit sad, no need to wait for that kettle to boil and the brew to steep. You could say I’m instant comfort. I mentioned my manners–I am very respectful of personal space and am happy being near you rather than on you. I have no interest in toys and will happily explore or just curl up in a sunbeam. Don’t I sound like just your cup of tea? Will you be my crumpet?

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