Cardiac Cath Lab Offline For Remainder Of July After Flooding

Tuesday July 20th, 2021

Posted at 1:37pm


The Cardiac Catheterization Lab at the Ouellette Campus for patients who require medical intervention as a result of heart attacks on an emergent basis,as well as for elective angiograms and angioplasties for outpatients,will remain closed until at least the end of this month.

The lab was closed on Friday after flooding impacted the sub-basement and basement area where the Cath Lab area and equipment is located.

Any emergency and/or in-patients who would normally receive treatment at the Cath Lab will be diverted to other hospitals outside of our region.

The hospital says that roughly 40 patients scheduled for non-emergent Cath Lab procedures in the month of July are being notified, and based on historical numbers, they anticipate as many as 50 inpatients as well as 12 emergency cases would need to be transferred to centres in Detroit and London during the month of July.

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