Town Of Essex Asking Residents To Keep Grass Clippings Off Local Roadways

Tuesday June 15th, 2021

Posted at 9:30pm


Town of Essex photo

The Town of Essex is reminding residents and property owners to help keep local roads safe by ensuring grass clippings and yard waste stays on their property.

“A few grass clippings on the road may not seem like much, but when damp or wet they could create a slippery surface which may be considered hazardous for road users like cyclists and motorcyclists, especially when braking,” said Kevin Girard, Director, Infrastructure Services.

Blowing grass and other yard waste onto local roadways can lead to other problems. Rocks and stones thrown from mowers, for instance, have the potential to injure others and damage nearby vehicles. Grass and organic waste can also build up on road surfaces and block storm sewers, which may reduce local drainage capacity.

To help keep roads safe and avoid the additional problems associated with blown grass and leaves, residents and property owners are asked to ensure their lawnmower discharge chutes are aimed away from roads and sidewalks. If chutes can’t be aimed away, they can consider the use of a mulching bag. Blowers and brooms can also be used to clear the surface of roadways after mowing and trimming.

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