New Study Shows University Of Windsor Has Dramatic Impact On Local Economy

Monday May 31st, 2021

Posted at 4:29pm


File photo on the University of Windsor campus (Photo by Owen Wolter, windsoriteDOTca News)

A new study conducted by research firm KPMG has shown the University of Windsor has a “dramatic and transformative” economic impact on the Windsor-Essex region, the province, and nationally.

The firm conducted an economic impact assessment and concluded that the university, when preparing for future challenges, is “is uniquely placed to be a front-runner in meeting these challenges. This reflects its unique location at a major border and the depth and breadth of its educational programming.”

UWindsor President Rob Gordon says the study shows the university’s objectives align with the needs of the community and that the institution is moving in the right direction.

“The University of Windsor has a strong commitment to the region we serve,” says Gordon, “not only through our teaching, learning, and research activities, but through vital collaborations with healthcare, law, social services, business, and other important partners in our community.”

The study shows the University has contributed to the local economy by providing a skilled labour force for the region, “investing nearly $88 million in the rejuvenation of Downtown Windsor,” along with paying $207 million in salaries and benefits last year to employees who then spend large portions of their incomes “on goods and services provided by local businesses, therefore creating local jobs.”

The study also showed the university attracts more than 36,000 visitors to the region annually for reasons including sporting events, alumni events, and for orientation week, resulting in spending of $30 million.

In addition to visitors, the study also showed spending by non-local and international students in Windsor-Essex amounts to $134 million annually. KPMG says these expenditures “support local businesses and contribute to the local economy’s vibrancy and vitality.”

The university says nearly one-quarter of their 16,000 students are international.

The study concluded by saying, “over the years UWindsor has made many contributions to the economy both locally and nationally. As the University continues to grow and expand, and to further its goal of becoming more regionally and internationally relevant, these impacts will continue. These impacts will be key to attract, retain and educate talented students, retain well-qualified faculty and staff, and to grow its research and program capabilities. As it does so, UWindsor will continue to generate positive social and economic impacts for students, the local and regional economies, and the research sphere.”

You can read the entire report on the University’s website.

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