Mounties Rescue Kayakers In Distress On The Detroit River

Wednesday May 5th, 2021

Posted at 7:32pm


Royal Canadian Mounted Police on marine patrol on the Detroit River near Peche Island were able to help two kayakers this past weekend.

It was in the early afternoon of Sunday, May 2nd, 2021, when two Windsor Detachment Border Integrity unit members observed a male in the water near an overturned kayak and a second male in a kayak attempting to help him.

Although it was a warm day, the water temperature was 7.3°C, and the man was beginning to lose control of his limbs. The officers pulled the 33-year-old man into the police boat, where he could warm up in the heated cabin.

Both kayakers were wearing life jackets, which, they say, likely saved the man’s life.

The RCMP wishes to use this incident to highlight the lifesaving role of life jackets. The water is still extremely cold, and even though the air temperature may be warm, immersion in cold water can make one lose the ability to swim or tread water within minutes. Those going out on the water are reminded to carry appropriate and required safety equipment, including a sound signaling device such as a whistle.


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