Tecumseh Cat Spay And Neuter Voucher Program Underway

Thursday April 29th, 2021

Posted at 8:25pm


The Tecumseh Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program is underway.

In an effort to reduce the number of feral cats in the Town, Vouchers, valued at $50 each will be issued to sterilize cats.

Vouchers for owned cats are reserved for low-income families. A declaration of income will be required. A maximum of three Vouchers will be issued where the cats are owned. For feral cat caregivers, a maximum of five Vouchers will be issued, with no income restrictions.

Applications for the 2021 Cat Spay and Neuter Voucher Program are to be completed and submitted online. Vouchers will be issued electronically via email.  Vouchers are issued on a first come, first serve basis.

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