Vote Now For Windsor’s Worst Roads

Tuesday March 23rd, 2021

Posted at 11:19am


Following a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the annual CAA Worst Roads Campaign is back, and voting is now open.

Whether the issue is traffic congestion, potholes, timing of traffic lights, road signs or pedestrian and cycling safety, your votes for the worst roads in Ontario are needed.

“The campaign is a platform for all road users to highlight which roadway improvements should be prioritized by our different levels of government,” says Raymond Chan, government relations manager CAA SCO. “The campaign gives decision-makers a snapshot of what roads the public perceives are not meeting their expectations.”

Votes for CAA’s Worst Roads can be cast at until April 18th.

Once voting closes, CAA will compile a list of the 10 Worst Roads in Ontario, along with the Worst Roads in regions across the province.

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