City Looking To Add Pathway Lights Along Riverfront

Wednesday February 10th, 2021

Posted at 9:00am


City of Windsor Image

The City of Windsor is planning to light the pathways in a busy riverfront park.

A plan that goes to Windsor City Council at their budget meeting on February 22nd calls for a phased plan to add decorative lighting from the Ambassador Bridge to the Caron Pumping Station.

The proposed project is divided into seven sections along the nearly 2.5km section of trail to make use of electrical wire sizing and commencement points for hydro sources.

The first two phases will see 12 poles between the Ambassador Bridge and the base of Sunset and 15 poles from the base of Sunset to the base of Randolph.

The total cost is estimated at $479,671. Council will be asked for a pre-commitment for the funding from the 2022 budget.

Lights in the other phases will be worked into future budgets.

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