Windsor Essex Is “Risking A Lockdown” Says Dr. Ahmed

Monday December 7th, 2020

Posted at 1:54pm


Windsor-Essex is risking a lockdown after a continuing increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Medical Officer of Health for Windsor Essex says cases continue to increase even after further measures were put into place.

“Despite the restrictions from Orange and Red, our case counts are not changing,” he said at a news conference, Monday morning. “Based on that data, our case rates are comparable to areas in lockdown.”

Dr. Ahmed noted the rapid rate at which COVID-19 has spread in Windsor Essex recently.

“It took us 81 days to reach the first 1000 cases, we raced from 1000 to 2000 cases in just 45 days, and then it took us 114 days to add the next 1000 cases in our area,” he said. “But then our cases increased at a rapid rate and it only took us 25 days to cross the 4000 mark.”

He says Windsor Essex is risking a lockdown.

“The idea of these restricted measures is to send out a clear message,” he said. “We have heard it many times from people, people get confused, ‘we don’t know whether we should do this or whether we should do that.'”

“The message has been clear, it can not be more clear than that, we are in the Red zone,” he said. “We are risking a lockdown in the region. We need everyone’s support.”

In response to a question about moving to a lockdown this week, Dr. Ahmed said the numbers “do justify that.”

“We wanted to make sure we are giving everyone the opportunity to start following those measures and to bring those case counts to a number which can be manageable given the size of our community and our unique challenges,” he said. ” But the numbers we are seeing right now are concerning and it’s adding a lot of pressure everywhere in everything that we are doing all the way from public health to acute care to the testing and the labs,” he said.

“This is a difficult time for all of us,” he said. “And every decision is a decision that not only affects us, but also affects our family members and the community in general.”

“The cases continue to increase, and even though this is a season where we are meeting and connecting with our family members, this is not the time to be complacent.”

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