PHOTOS: Your Christmas Trees Across Windsor Essex 2020 (Part 2)

Sunday December 20th, 2020

Posted at 1:00pm


By Lauren M.

Earlier this week we asked Windsor Essex residents to email us pictures of their Christmas trees.

From short to tall, lit or unlit, you delivered and we’re proud to show your Christmas trees to the community!

Here is the second posting in a series of all of the submissions we received from windsoriteDOTca’s amazing readers — some of the best Christmas trees in Windsor and Essex County!

(Check out Part 1 here)

The submission deadline for publication was Wednesday, December 16th at midnight. Thanks to everyone who sent in their trees!

Nasser family

By Jennifer F.

By Amy P.

Thompson-Fedchun Christmas Tree

Brennan family tree

By Beth

By mizzhmak

By Jessica H.

By Beth B.

By Carlie W.

By Žaklina S.

By Vannie T.

By Cathy M.

By Allison C.

By Allison C.

By slslfeel

By slslfeel

By Kim B.

By Jenna H.

By j.p.

By Jen C.

By Heather M.

By Catherine V.

By Catherine V.

By Yvonne S.

By Yvonne S.

By Tanya D.

By Susie Y.

By Paulette P.

By Sandy Z.

By Nelson S.

By Christine D.

By Jackie

By Danielle

By Danielle

By penlajoie

By penlajoie

By penlajoie

By Diane F.

By Matthew G.

By Cindy K.

By coco6419

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