Escape The Winter Blues, And Head Back In Time To Summer Camp

Saturday December 5th, 2020

Posted at 11:00am


Left, Kevin McDonald as “Coffee” fiddles with the mechanics of a boombox as Colin Mochrie as “Roger” looks on in doubt. In the locally shot film “Boys vs. Girls”. Photo credit: Jesse Hebert

Are you telling me you invented a time machine out of a DeLorean?

Yes and no. Or rather, no and yes. DeLoreans can’t travel back in time…yet, but in a real way, movies can.

It’s December 2020, and normally the heavy snowfall would be the only obstacle keeping you stuck indoors. However, this year, we’re all still facing the invisible elephant in the room that won’t leave already.

How about travelling back to the Summer of 1990 and spending time on the set of a locally shot film, Boys vs. Girls.” Filmed mostly at Kiwanis Sunshine Point Camp and other parts of Windsor, Ontario, the movie will surely provide you with at least 80 minutes of escapism.

Hey! Did you know it also stars two Canadian Comedy heavyweights? Check out Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), playing the Camp Director, ‘Roger,’ and Kevin McDonald (The Kids In The Hall), playing the Camp Caretaker, ‘Coffee.’

“Boys vs. Girls” had a very successful film festival run, including “Best Canadian Feature Film” at the Canadian International Film Festival, “Best Feature Film” and “Audience Choice” at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, and “Best Ensemble Cast” at the Florida Comedy Film Festival. It was picked up for distribution by Mongrel Media in Canada, and Gravitas Venture grabbed the rest of the world. It will have its VOD/DVD release on December 22, 2020, across all major platforms. For more info, check out:

Warning: If you do end up with a time-travelling DeLorean in the future, take Michael J. Fox’s advice and maybe avoid 2020 altogether.

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The cast and crew from locally shot film “Boys vs. Girls”. Photo credit: Jesse Hebert

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